A New Way of BE-ing

Over the last three years I have enjoyed amazing opportunities for self growth through incredible workshops and retreats featuring many of today’s leading experts in the transformation industry. Sharing the wisdom and insights I’ve gained from these experiences with you is a great honor. I am always happy to hear your big takeaways from both your own experiences and mine.

On Thursday, July 9, I woke up at 4:30am EST to drive to Orlando airport for a 7 am flight to Denver Colorado. After a three and a half hour flight and adjusting for a two hour time difference, I arrived at 10:30 am MST and jumped on a shuttle to Loveland airport where I was met by my dear friend Noel Marshall who drove me in her Toyota Prius to meet 35 other beautiful souls at Sunrise Ranch, the oldest intentional community in the United States. There we spent the next four days in spiritual retreat at the Co-Creatures Convergence contemplating and co-creating “A New Way of BE-ing.” There were so many incredible moments that I experienced there.

While I arrived with little expectation, I anticipated that we would be working together on a plan for what needs to be done to raise the vibration of the planet and co-create a better world for all. What I came away with was a reminder that, “Being precedes doing.” The most powerful thing I can DO is to fully BE me and shine my brilliant light in the world.

One of the most powerful experiences at the ranch for me was learning the history and sacred meaning of the Labyrinth. I had seen them before, but did not know what they symbolized or the deep connection they offered to the Divine. After a concise history and explanation, I learned that a labyrinth is an incredible tool for receiving powerful insights to guide us through the journey of life.

Before we began our walking meditation, we were invited to think about what we wanted to release in our lives to make room for deep personal growth. During our silent walk to the meditation garden I was not sure what I wanted to release most. My first thought was “fear.” I knew all my fears around not being good enough were limiting beliefs that were preventing me from achieving my big vision.

As I entered the labyrinth for the first time, I asked for Divine guidance to a clear answer on what would be most beneficial for me to release. Standing in the entrance, I realized that my fears were all forms of judgement. I thought of all the ways I have judged and felt judged by others and myself. I felt the weight on my heart as I walked the path and began to cry as the weight lifted with each new step. By the time I got to the center, my eyes were blurry with tears and my heart was light with joy and a new sense of freedom.

My second walk was even more profound. As the sun began to set on the second day, we circled the outside of the labyrinth which was lit by candles and multi-colored glow sticks. This time our facilitator encouraged us two ask a question that would help us on our spiritual journey. Again, I was not sure exactly what to ask until I entered. Balancing a small candle in each hand, the question came to me quickly, “How do I walk in both worlds; the physical and spiritual, to optimize my human experience?”

As I slowly stepped barefoot through the grass, I heard the voice loud and clear, “You are doing it right now. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and stay on your path.” I began to laugh at the profound simplicity when the voice returned. “Notice you have two feet and both are part of the same body. The physical and spiritual are one world.”

Thank you for sharing the journey with me. I am grateful to be on the path with you so we can learn from and support each other. What steps are you taking toward your personal growth and inner development?

What lessons have you learned that could benefit others?
Please share your answers below.