A Summer of Introspection

After a long cold winter and an extremely busy spring, Renee and I took June to reenergize and realign our work goals with our personal goals. We dug deep into our hearts and souls for Divine guidance. Our intention was to get clarity on the best plan to live a balanced life with purpose and joy. It has been an exciting time to co-create and to witness what is emerging. I am sharing this update because you are an important person in our lives. We would also love to hear what you are up to and how we might support you.

One very exciting revelation that I have been eager to share is our refined clarity and focus for the direction of our business and how Renee and I can each serve in a bigger way. Our company mission is to empower visionaries, messengers and change agents like you with the tools and support you need to thrive while sharing your gifts with the world.

Some of the biggest challenges we see in this community are related to technology and backend organizational structure. These skills are critical to automate your business so you can focus on sharing your gifts. These are not my strong points either. Fortunately Renee excels in these areas. Coaching me has been great practice for her. She sees in me the support and guidance other transformation professionals need in their businesses. Renee has managed our company since we first started three years ago. (That was after ten years of managing our household so she had plenty of practice.)

Simplifying technology and organization are two of Renee’s many gifts. She has been called “the wizard behind the curtain.” Our clients and colleagues often tell me, “I wish I had a Renee.” We see the growing need for her services and she is answering the call. While we are all about “teaching a man to fish,” some people prefer to have the fishing done for them. Renee is now offering various packages to fulfill the technical and organizational needs of our clients. You can learn more and schedule a free consultation to see how she can help you at http://ReneePorteous.com

During this process of introspection I have also rediscovered my gift of building collaborative relationships. I can look back and see how pivotal my relationships have been in shaping and directing my life. Partnerships have been the keystone to my professional success. Over twenty years of sales experience taught me the significance of cultivating healthy relationships in the work place and socially. I believe collaboration is also the key to the next evolution in humanity.

I have always known I was a social person. I like people. Through the various modalities we investigated to better understand our life mission, my natural ability and passion for connecting with people became a dominant theme. I now understand that bringing good people together is one of the most powerful ways that I can serve my mission. This has been a major function of the Transformers Mastermind for the last three years. Currently I am developing a new platform to better perform my role as collaborator for evolutionary entrepreneurs. Soon I will present our new baby. As a member of our family, you will get a sneak peak and a special invitation to participate with us. This project has been on my mind and “in the works” for over a year. With our new clarity of purpose the time has finally come to make it a reality. This will be the next step in our journey. I will share details as they unfold.

Our primary focus is helping other evolutionary entrepreneurs to share their message with a much larger audience. This includes transformational business consulting as well as managing online events such as tele summits, JV gift giveaways and product launches. If you are interested in partnering with us please send us an email and briefly describe the work you do. I look forward to connecting with you directly to see how we can support each other.

What insight have you received about your life this summer?

What challenges are keeping you from your ideal life?

Your answers, comments and questions are important to me. Please post below to be entered to win a signed copy of my new book, Maximizing Your Human Experience; A Personalized Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life. I look forward to reading and replying to your posts.