An Attitude of Gratitude (Life Lesson #3)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a wonderful reminder of what matters most in life and to be grateful for all we have. With all the challenges our family has faced this year, Thanksgiving means more to me than ever before.

Over the last three months since sharing our story publicly about Renee’s battle with breast cancer, we’ve discovered many blessings in disguise. We have learned so much about life and being present in the moment. I enjoy sharing the lessons I’m learning with you and appreciate the feedback, support and your personal messages.

The first lesson I wrote about is the Art of Extreme Self Care. Even after writing that two months ago I still was not practicing it myself. I was doing all I could to support Renee in taking care of herself, but neglected my own needs. Even basic diet and exercise haven’t been consistently prioritized. During the holidays in the past it’s been easy to just let it all go with the intention to start fresh in the new year. This year I am trying something different. I am working to make the changes I desire now so I can go into the new year with focus and momentum. Would you like to join me? Click here to book a complimentary Vision Clarity Call with me.

The second lesson I wrote about was the Power of Asking and Receiving. This is REALLY big for me. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I am at requesting what I need and being open to receive that which is offered. I realize the idea of receiving support brings up my challenge around asking for help. I have a long time subconscious belief that as a man, a husband and a father, I am supposed to be self sufficient in any situation. It may still be related to self worth issues which I’ve been addressing, but I think it’s more about feeling guilty and shameful asking for help when I am already so blessed.

We are blessed to have close friends who’ve helped us get the kids to school and pick them up on days we had doctor appointments. My mom flew in from NY to stay with us during both surgeries. Friends have brought us meals. We have so much for which to be thankful.
A few weeks ago a dear friend asked me if there was anything she could send to comfort Renee or the kids. She shared that she and other friends would like to have a place they can go online and donate money since they live to far to bring food or watch kids. She suggested that I swallow my pride and set up a Go Fund Me account so others could help too. It’s not easy, but even the thought of financial relief at this point is very comforting.

Knowing we have a $6800 deductible to cover for our medical insurance this year and another $6650 next year, (along with a $200/month rate increase), plus we will likely have to pay more up front and fight with insurance companies for reimbursement, I set the goal at $13,450 to cover our total insurance deductible. I’m grateful for my friend’s suggestion and any help you can offer. Learn more at the link below:

I am blown away by the love and support we’ve received. It was way outside my comfort zone to publicly ask for financial help. I had no idea how powerful it would be to open myself fully to receive. In just two weeks we’ve nearly reached half of our goal $13k goal to cover our insurance deductibles. The donations we’ve already received cover most of this years payments. It’s been a deeply moving experience for me. Close connections, friends I have not spoken with in years and people I have never met are sharing their stories and support.

The third big lesson I am learning is to maintain an Attitude of Gratitude, even in the face of fear, by looking for blessings in disguise.

Since my late teens I’ve always felt like I have a positive, optimistic personality. I believed I had a charmed life even though from the outside it likely looked challenging to many.

One of the great blessing in disguise in my life was being moved out of my fathers house while I was away on vacation with friends when I was 11 years old. That set into motion a feeling of abandonment and disconnection between me and my father which developed into feelings of low self worth. It was then I began consciously thinking about being a father. That experience has made me a more present and loving father to my children. Now I have a gift for helping others recognize their Divine gifts and appreciate their value. This makes me a better father and leader for other inspired messengers.

Even though I have many challenges in my life, I see the opportunity in all of them. I have a catch all blessing for any situation; it will make me stronger, wiser and better to serve others who may be in a similar situation. That applies to just about everything and especially so for any struggles or challenges with my business and living my mission.

Other times I see specific blessings. Overcoming Renee’s cancer has made our whole family more grateful, present, joyful and healthier. Even our relationship has improved.

In 2010 we had to short sell our home for half of what we paid. For some time I could not see the value in our decision to buy it in the first place. I thought of all we could have done instead if we had not. Looking back I see all the people we met and priceless experiences we shared. Now I am grateful that we were released from the burden of an enormous debt and better appreciate the simple gifts of life.

If I can find the blessings in Renee’s journey with cancer and losing my home, I can’t imagine a personal situation without a hidden blessing.

On a global scale we can look at famine, war even natural disaster and wonder how these can be blessings. For me this requires a human evolutionary perspective. It is all an opportunity to grow as spiritual beings having human experiences. The blessing is the fire that’s been ignited in me and so many other light bearers to shine more brightly.


All challenges are an opportunity for growth and I am thankful for the chance to evolve. My life is filled with an abundance of goodness. I am so grateful for supportive friends, a loving family, excellent health, prosperity and true love. I am blessed. I give thanks for the helpful spirits that guide
me in this life journey.

The light in me respects and appreciates the light in you.