Creating a World of Love

You are a magnificent being of love. We all are.

So why don’t we always see that in ourselves or others?

We have been taught to be critical thinkers. Instead of seeing the good in everyone, we tend to see the faults. In our natural instinct to evolve and better ourselves, we often focus on where we need to improve instead of seeing all we have accomplished and how wonderful we are right now.

How can I love others if I do not love myself?

Virtually every religion, moral system, and spiritual guru emphasize the importance of unconditional love. The universal wisdom, “Love our neighbor as our self,” suggests that until we are taught or teach ourselves to fulfill our own love needs, it will be difficult to love others. It is hard to give away what we don’t own! The skills to create an abundance of love that overflows to enrich the world are easy to teach and learn.  However, education in love-creation has been neglected. Sadly, most of our global population can explain how we teach hate-creation, while the process of love-creation remains a mystery. The secret of love-creation is acquiring skill in liking our self; unconditional self-endorsement.  Accepting responsibility to consistently affirm our self creates the love-energy we radiate to others.

We are all born dependent on others for love and care, and remain so during our formative years.  We are taught a language, are assigned allegiance to a family, tribe, flag, religion, and an assumptive worldview.  Self-mastery, the mark of maturity, requires that we have the confidence to think independently of what fate and circumstance make of us.  Love is the critical mental-spiritual energy that frees us from dependence on others and makes us powerful creators of the personal blissful calm and world peace we envision in our wishes and prayers.

You are probably familiar with the analogy of being on an airplane and hearing instructions that in case of emergency to place an oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. I know so many people who are very good at helping others. many of them give so much there is barely enough left for them to survive, much less thrive. The better care you take of yourself the better equipped you will be to help others.

How often do you put your own needs first?

In what ways can you express more love for yourself?

Here are three quick tips to increase your Love Flow:

  1. Schedule time for yourself. Having personal time is very important to recharge your batteries and take care of your own needs. Meditate, exercise, read, relax, take a relaxing bath. Make it a part of your routine to honor yourself.
  2. Forgive yourself. It is easy to beat yourself up about not being enough. You are more than enough just as you are. Acknowledge your greatness. No matter how you might feel, you truly are a magnificent being of love. As you begin to practice loving yourself more you will feel better and love more. This will radiate out to touch everyone in your life.
  3. Strengthen your connection to source. Praying and meditating is one of the most powerful ways to become aware of your Divine Nature and express self love and gratitude. As you continue to develop your relationship to the Divine your capacity to love will increase.

I am on a mission to accelerate the shift in social consciousness from “fear and separation” to “love and unity” by empowering others to share their gifts with the world. The first step toward creating a world of love starts with self love. You can learn more about Expressing the Essence of Love in my book, The Human Experience.

What is your biggest challenge with loving yourself?

What steps are you prepared to take toward increasing your self love?