Giving- The “Secret” Step To Success


Giving- The “Secret” Step To Success

We have reached the final step in Max Your Life Coaching’s “Seven Steps to Success” series. Step seven is not really separate from the other six steps, in fact, it should be practiced throughout the process in every phase. This one “secret” step can be applied in every area of your life to create incredible joy and success. One fundamental rule of the universe is expressed in every major religion, “we reap what we sow”. Every thought, word, and action is a “seed” for future experience. Consciously planting only good seeds promises for a better harvest. One of the best seeds to plant in the garden of life is helping others. While fulfilling a secondary, more evolved human need to contribute to society, giving also engages the universal law of attraction, which offers opportunities for you to receive helpful assistance. Remember the intent for giving is to help others. The gifts you receive in return are merely a pleasant side effect and should never be the focus or motivation to serve others.

There are many different ways you can help others. Even the smallest gestures like holding a door or elevator open for someone will trigger the universe to reciprocate your goodness. Small acts of kindness also program your mind to be helpful subconsciously so that it becomes second nature. Fulfilling small needs will create an awareness of how to fulfill larger needs. With practice you will become adept at seeing need and quickly finding a way to help. As you become aligned with being of service to others, Life will respond more noticeably to fulfill your own needs. Whether you give time, money, or other resources, your ability to give from the heart will continue to grow in pace with your ability to receive from the heart.

Sharing your vision is one powerful way to give to others and has many extra benefits. Both written and verbal expressions are good practice for honing your message. Sharing also allows others to participate in growing your vision, addressing needs, and opening doors of opportunity through synchronicities. Some people are uncomfortable in broadcasting their dreams to others. It may be fear of failure. Perhaps they are embarrassed or shy and do not want to draw attention to themselves. Your dream is beautiful. Once you are ready to achieve it, announce your dream to the world. Share your vision on Facebook and other social media. Talk about it at parties, meetings, even at dinner. Get used to spreading the word. As you practice sharing your vision it will grow and become more clear to you. Telling others will help you to better articulate your message. It also strengthens your own belief in the vision, which will strengthen your resolve to follow through.

Getting out your message is only half your goal, the other half is a call to action. The best way to elicit action is to take action. Embody your own vision. Walking your own talk is crucial in becoming the change you want to see in the world. Give your talents to those in need and you will create a vacuum for the satisfaction of your own needs. Again, this is only a great side effect of sharing your gift, not the reason for doing so.

I save this step for last to emphasis the importance of Giving. Success with out sharing is a lonely existence which does not foster true happiness. I can not consider myself or anything I do to be a success without benefit to others, either directly or indirectly. Share your vision, your assets, and your needs. As you continue to grow, remember to help lift up others as you climb. You did not get where you are completely on your own. Even if you feel like you did it all by yourself, others helped you in one way or another. Take any opportunity you receive to pay it forward. Help others to grow and realize their own dreams and yours will come true faster and in a bigger way than you can imagine.