A Fun and Easy Way of Setting Goals

For many, January is a time to plan ways to improve your life for the year ahead. I am not a big fan of “New Year’s Resolutions.” I find they are often externally based on what we think we are supposed to do rather than what we really want. Most people admit they don’t get lasting results. We are less than two weeks into the New Year and already most people have broken their resolutions or changed the rules they originally set for themselves. This type of behavior can cause us to beat up on ourselves and exasperate feelings of low self-worth or lack of will power.

Instead of setting resolutions, I prefer to set goals. There are many different ways to set goals for yourself. I believe the most effective way to create meaningful transformation is by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, which you can learn more about on my blog, Crystalize Your Vision. A more FUN and EASY way of setting goals is the MORE/LESS, START/STOP exercise.

To begin, focus on who you want “to be” instead of what you want “to do.” Create your own personal theme by writing down ten words that describe your core values, like Spirituality, Family, Integrity, Love, Authenticity, Compassion, Gratitude, Unity, Tolerance and Presence. This is my list. You can borrow any part of it or come up with your own. (If you need help, comment on this post and I will send you a full list of values from which to choose.) Then narrow it down to three.

Now, on a piece of paper draw two lines dividing it into four quadrants. In the top left box write MORE. In the top right box write LESS. In the bottom left box write START and in the bottom right box write STOP. In each box make a list of the things you can do more, do less, start and stop to align with your values.

For example, one of my goals it “to be” more present as a father and husband. I don’t mean physically. Renee and I work from home and raise our twins together. We spend most of our time together. I want my full attention to be on them during family time. To do that I plan to…

Be MORE conscious of my focus and my thoughts,

Be LESS distracted by outside influences,

START a calendar of family outings and activities,

STOP putting anything before my family.

You can come up with several in each category.

I would love to hear who YOU want to be and what goals you will set to be your best. Please comment below to share your goals.

Remember you are magnificent as you are and you will continue getting better.