Learning To Allow

Learning To Allow

learning to allowI was first inspired to organize a local hub in Orlando, Florida for the international Birth 2012 event last summer while participating in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s first Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) course. It was in the back of my mind the rest of the year. In March of 2011, I began to investigate the possibilities. The next month I met with event planners to determine the budget, venue, and other considerations. Since then, I have spent countless hours and a great deal of personal money trying to garner support for the project. Unfortunately, I did not receive the support I need to complete the project in time for the December 22, global event. While I would still like to create the Conscious Living Fest, I have decided to postpone it until a much later date.

I am refocusing a portion of the energy and time I was spending on the event toward building my coaching business and helping holistic wellness professionals participate more deeply in “the shift” through personal conscious evolution. One of the ACE grads, Michael Wolf in Scotland, has developed a program for Conscious Evolution Coaching (CEC) to assist in the process. I will begin working with his team next week. I will share more information about CEC in the next newsletter. Today I will share some of the valuable lessons this experience has taught me.

Last month I was talking with my mom about free will as a two sided coin, a balance between ownership and allowing. Free will is the spiritual force that grants each of us the responsibility to create our own future. Our own free will is the only control we have in life. Once we recognize the karmic effects of our thoughts, words, and actions, we become more conscious, our intuition becomes more heightened, synchronicities become a consistent guide to keep us on track, and we open our connection to All That Is, The Source, God, or whatever name you prefer to use. No matter what happens in life, we choose how we will allow a circumstance to affect us. Taking responsibility for my actions and my situations in life has served an important role in my own personal transformation. At times I become so attached to an outcome of my actions that I forget to allow the event to unfold naturally. It takes faith to allow. Faith is internal and often contradicts tangible evidence. There are different kinds of faith. Superficial faith is our belief in a specific result. Whether that faith is in ourselves or others, we can feel let down when our desired result is not achieved. Deeper faith is belief in the overall outcome, regardless of the situation. It is belief in the unknown. What we desire is not always what is best for us. No matter how the result may appear, in faith we know all things happen for the greater good. When we place our faith in a person, we believe they will succeed, despite their shortcomings. Success is relevant. What may seem to some as failure can be turned into future success.Learning to allow and accept whatever life may throw at us is not easy. It takes constant practice. Acceptance sounds so passive. It can conjure up an image of weakness, when, in actuality, it is a great strength, like the willow tree that bends with the wind. It does not mean being submissive or fragile. It is taking responsibility of what we can control and having the strength to endure what is beyond our control. In times of great difficulty, acceptance is the first step toward progress.

Beyond the spiritual lessons, I also gained valuable real life experience in event planning on a global scale. I know this will be very useful in the not to distant future. The greatest reward from the experience is the priceless new relationships I have built in the process. The people I am drawing into my life are evidence of my own personal development. I am grateful to all those who supported our efforts. I look forward to sharing many more experiences with all of you.