My #1 Key to Success

Over the last couple of months Renee and I have been working to get clarity on our goals and how we can best serve our highest purpose. The process has included a great deal of discussion, introspection, meditation and conversation with God.

There are many tools available to determine if we are on track with the purpose we came here to serve. I believe “Divine Guidance” is the ultimate compass in life. My biggest challenge has been listening carefully to what sometimes sounds like whispers and trusting that what I hear is divinely inspired rather than ego playing tricks on me.
In October of 2012 I made the conscious choice to follow my intuition and fully align with my highest purpose to create a more meaningful life. That was the scariest decision of my life. I left my safe and comfortable corporate sales job to pursue my passion for helping others. It didn’t happen over night. I invested a lot time, thought and planning into the move and you know what, it still scared the crap out of me.

Our twins had just turned two years old. I questioned if I was being a responsible father and husband. That was so painful for me, it wreaked havoc on my sleep. My family is my top priority in life, which is exactly why I know I did the right thing. If I had stayed at my job I would have been teaching my children the “deferred lifestyle” of working hard at a job that was not fulfilling for 40 years so I could enjoy retirement when I turn 65.
That was not what I wanted to teach my kids.

I believe we all come into this life for a reason. Discovering your purpose and then dedicating your life to living it fully is the most exciting and rewarding adventure imaginable. That is what I wanted to teach my children. The best way to teach is to lead by example. Which is what I have come to see as one of my greatest blessings, to be a role model; first for my children and for my community.

Now we are again following our guidance and evolving our business model to support and connect other visionary change agents in a bigger way. If you are looking for personal transformation, offering it to others or hopefully both, we will have some exciting updates to share with you later this summer with more opportunities for you to receive the tools you need to thrive in your purpose.

I have received clear messages that my offering is to help emerging visionaries align with their own divinity and empower them to share their gifts with those they are meant to serve. In the process I also discovered one of my favorite personal super powers is developing collaborative relationships. I have been blessed to work with amazing pioneers and leaders in the transformation industry. Sharing their message with you and the rest of our community is an incredible honor.

One of the many dynamic friendships that has evolved from this year’s Personal Transformation Summit is with Edward Mannix. I met Edward last year after seeing him describe his Compassion Key program on stage to a group of top industry players including Laurel Langemeier, Christian Mickelsen, Kendall Summerhawk and many others.

I was super impressed with his original and heart-centered approach to personal transformation and his presence on stage commanding the rapt attention of a 500 person live audience. Along with noticing many commonalities and feeling a sense of connection with Edward, I was moved by his desire to help others create more meaning and joy in their lives.

What he offers is very unique. You will see more of his amazing work with “The Compassion Key” soon. For now I want to share my interview with him from the summit and a free bonus from Edward. These will only be available for a limited time. It is just a taste of what is to come.

As I continue to gain clarity and focus, I am better able to provide my support to you and the others I am meant to serve. I will continue to share original transformational content. Please let me know what would be most helpful to you. I am grateful to you for being in my tribe and look forward to supporting you further in sharing your gifts.