Reassess Your Strategy

Reassess Your Strategy

In my last article, I wrote about step five in the Seven Steps to Success- Taking Action. What actions have you taken toward your goals? How is it working? Do you feel like you are progressing the way you would like to be? These are the questions you will answer for step six- Reassessment. This is a time to review the previous five steps, evaluate your progress, make desired adjustments to your plan, and prepare to take further action. This is an important part of the seven step process. Taking the time to assess your progress is a vital step to stay on track.

This whole growth process began with step one when you chose to create change in your life. What was your motivation for change? What did you want to gain? Are you still motivated to achieve this goal? If not, you may want to redirect your focus. If you are, let’s continue.

In step two you visualized your goals and created vivid images using all five of your senses and charged it with the joy and emotions you will feel from reaching your goal. Has that picture changed? Can you see, smell, feel, hear, and taste it even more now? What details have you added to your vision?

In step three you assessed your current situation. Now that you have taken action, do you feel your action steps lead you toward your goals? Did you take the most important action steps, the easiest ones, or the most difficult ones? Would you make any adjustments next time?

This brings us back to step four- planning. Are there any changes or enhancements you can add to your plan? How many items have you completed from your list? How many items have you added? Have priorities shifted? Does your plan give you clarity and confidence? Is there anything missing? Is it still flexible? Could it be refined? Verify the order of priority and make the necessary adjustments in writing.

Once again you have a clear direction and a list of action steps to take you to the next cycle of the success process. You are ready for further action. Remember to relish this step. Appreciating the process and every moment that you are in action accelerates your growth. Every step you take moves you closer to your dream. Your actions and your attitude determine the speed at which you will achieve your goals. Remember why you are doing. Keep doing.

These six steps are a continuously evolving cycle like a spiral staircase to our highest goals. Each phase is a little different when we revolve back to it. The whole process grows. Even as we achieve our biggest goals, new ones are born to replace them. This is personal evolution. This process can be used to grow in any area of your life- professional, personal, and even spiritual.

Taking time to reflect on all aspects of our lives is important for many reasons. Reflection reminds us of our motivation, priorities, accomplishments, and goals. Without reflection, we are doomed not only to repeat or mistakes, but also to forget our accomplishments. The reassessment phase is a fulcrum point for learning from our past and engineering our future.

We all tend to visit this phase annually at birthdays and at the beginning of each new year. You may also review on a quarterly or sporadic intervals. Many successful people recommend monthly, weekly, and even daily review of your accomplishments, goals, and plans. This is a great way to end your day, so that you can feel good about what you have done and confident about the day to come. This will also help you take your mind off of work, so you can focus on your family and other daily activities.

Practice these six steps over the next two weeks and see what results you achieve. Please let me know how it works. In my next article, I will complete my series on the Seven Steps to Success with the final crucial step to create to greater prosperity and happiness in your life.