Seeing Life through the “Eye of the Storm”

In January I proclaimed 2016 to be the year to step up, stand out and be heard. From previous experience I knew I had to be careful when I announce my personal theme for the year, especially one so bold. I had no idea my family and I were about to be tested in a BIG way.

The year started off with a bang! Revenue was at an all-time high. I started working with wonderful new clients and partners aligned with my mission. I saw a clear vision for how I could step up as a visionary leader to be seen and heard myself, while I support your expansion and personal expression.

I prepared for the Magnify Your Message online workshop series to support you in sharing your vision. It was our most successful event so far. (We have more great surprises for you soon.)

The week after the Magnify Your Message series ended I drove my wife Renee and our 6 year old twins, Xen and Eden, to Sanibel, Florida for our first family vacation in two years. We were returning to the same resort where we had stayed on our honeymoon exactly fourteen years earlier.

Looking back now on this last trip, I see the foreshadowing as I drove head on into tropical storm Colin, the first of the season to hit Florida. We had already entered our own personal storm. We just didn’t know how bad it would get.

Just a few weeks prior, the day after our twins finished their last day of kindergarten, Renee was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were both in shock.

We didn’t tell anyone at first. Renee wanted time to assess the situation and process her options. She also wanted to avoid pity and unrequested opinions.

Always the student, Renee is learning that she needs to be her own advocate and began what has now become hundreds of hours researching both traditional and alternative treatments. She quickly put her degree in holistic nutrition to work as she explored all perspectives for healing herself.

Just one week later I received an email from my father saying he was moving to Florida and asked if I could help him find an apartment near me. My father was diagnosed with aphasia 6 years ago. He had been a public speaker for many years. Now he can barely speak his name. We hadn’t seen my dad in over 4 years. I had not heard his voice in over two years. The only way we could communicate was by email and Facebook. I still didn’t know how serious his condition was until he arrived at the airport.

Over the last several years I’ve become aware of my “daddy issues” stemming from my childhood experiences of feeling abandoned and unappreciated. I am blessed with very special guides and mentors who’ve helped me through deep work on these issues. I see caring for my father as an opportunity to practice unconditional love.

In this case, great opportunity is coming at a high price. Over the last four years I have been struggling to build my purpose driven business while balancing a family focused lifestyle. All parts of my life have become so integrated, it’s difficult to separate or balance them. Instead I seek harmony in all areas of my life. This has been challenging enough already.
How can I possibly take on more life challenges and not only maintain my previous work load, but increase it to meet growing demands?

Where do I focus my energy to nurture all my top priorities?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by all life is throwing at you, the two most important lesson I am learning may serve you too.

#1 – Practice extreme self care. You are your own best advocate. Remember to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others. Taking good care of yourself also models self love to those around you.

#2 – Ask for and accept help from others. We are so good at caring for others, sometimes we forget or are to proud to ask for help from others. Remember to allow others to enjoy the gift of giving. You are loved. Receive the love.

As we began sharing what we were experiencing with those we love most, we found support showing up in ways we could not imagine. This has been a great blessing. We know we are not alone. Neither are you.

Feel free to post your challenges and the inspirational lessons or hidden blessing you’ve discovered in the process.