Rebecca Walker

I found that the time it took to find the right JV partners was excruciating and without a relationship or an intro we just didn’t get great results. I found Mark Porteous  and he has been AMAZING! He came up with a list of potential JV partners and then wrote an introduction and sent it out. The best part is that he has great relationships that he leveraged on my behalf making it really easy. My first call was with a JV with a list of 60,000 people and is promoting me on 10/20. How stellar is that?!

I have cut my time down and Mark will even get on calls to help  close the JV partner.  I think my choice to use Mark will be business changing and it is one of the best decisions I have made in this entire process.

Rebecca Walker Co-founder of Cambiati Wellness Center
Edward Mannix

The JV’s I met through Mark Porteous enabled me to grow my community/email list from 2,000 to 5,000 within less than 6 months of the day he and I started working together (and this could have happened even faster if I didn’t disappear to Bali for two months in the middle of our project).

During my past two years of rapid personal, spiritual and business growth, Mark has been among the top few individuals who have had the greatest positive impact on my life and career. AND, I owe 2 of my other top 5 most important personal and professional relationships directly to Mark, as well as several other productive JVs and mutually supportive friendships. Wow. Total game-changer!

One of the great things about working in the field of spiritual and personal development is that many of our partners are truly extraordinary individuals and often become among our closest friends. I’m very grateful that Mark recognized my potential before many others in the industry and that he offered me both his friendship and partnership. He’s an extraordinary man and one of my most trusted friends and advisors.

 If you feel like you’ve got something special to share with the world and just need to “be discovered” and have an opportunity to connect with key influencers, I highly recommend working with Mark Porteous. He is a key influencer himself and is connected to many of the industry’s most well-known leaders and positive change-makers. Add to all of this his deep insight, total integrity and 100% reliable follow-through, and you start to catch a glimpse of why I consider Mark the triple platinum standard in the world of JV match-making.

Edward Mannix Light Worker Accelerator and Best selling Author and creator of The Compassion Key

The Transformers Mastermind program has been transformative in so many ways. It has opened my eyes to serving others at a higher level while bringing in the income I need to keep doing what I love! This is an excellent program, packed full of information that can be implemented easily, providing tangible results. Before the Mastermind program, I did not have a clear idea of the best way for me to take advantage of the power of the internet in marketing what I do, and now I most certainly do!

John Longhill, Right Brain Success

Mark’s incredible program gave me the vision, energy, and specific strategies to expand my business.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the connections I’ve made with the people in this remarkable program. The support, insights, and commitment by Mark, and all the participants gave me a framework to take my business to a whole new level.

This program taught me how to develop my own unique telesummit. I learned that is a viable means to build my subscriber list, and develop joint venture affiliate partnerships, leading to increased visibility and revenue.

Paul Novello, Life Solutions

Mark’s Transformers program opened up amazing opportunities for me.  I started with few passionate concepts and quickly gained a clarity of purpose. Within three months I was featured as a guest speaker, sharing my vision alongside well-known speakers and authors.  I gained the knowledge, tools and encouragement I needed in a step-by-step format. Most importantly, as part of a mastermind group I benefited from the experience and energy of those who paved the way before me.

Gina Tyckoson, Creating Your Legacy

Working with Mark Porteous in his Transformers’ Mastermind Group helped me:

1. Stop procrastinating on projects I wanted to accomplish by holding me accountable.

2. Find the confidence to get my message out in new ways like hosting a telesummit and a radio show.

3. Learn the skills I need to become a successful agent of change while maintaining my integrity in business.

I highly recommend working with Mark for anyone who wants to create positive change in the world, manifest their highest potential and network with other like-minded individuals.

Dr. Karen Wyatt, Creative Healing, LLC

Mark’s mastermind program has been a savior for me! I’d been struggling in my biz for years trying to figure it all out on my own (NOT a brilliant approach.) All the while I was praying for a team to share, learn and grow with, and voila! Because of the support, kindness and knowledge in our glorious group, I was so royally inspired ~ I started and finished my 60 page opt-in ebook (!), I got it up at my site, found a newsletter provider (instead of managing it on my own,) got a conference call number (and used it,) participated in a telesummit, participated in a gift giveaway (that I heard about through the group,) learned buckets about having an online biz, and ended up with 200 new subscribers on my email list. I felt motivated & engaged by our many powerful calls as well as the incredible generosity, wisdom and support from Mark and Renee (plus the guest speakers and our whole gang of visionaries.) I am soooo beyond thankful for all the TONS of goodies involved in this program and, most especially, for the deep reconnection to my passion, my path and my purpose. You don’t have to go it alone. Being part of this team will keep you inspired, keep you creating and keep you believing in the life of your dreams!

Julie Genovese, Nothing Short of Joy

Mark is an inspirational coach who facilitates personal transformation by example. His gift displays itself in his openness and transparency about his own journey and the insights his growing awareness has given him. He lets you imagine more for yourself. Mark is also a thoughtful and empathetic leader who creates opportunities for other holistic coaches and healers to share their insight with broader audiences.

Mark is compassionate, kind, focused and principled and an important part of my network. Get to know him.

John Hertle, JSH Coaching

My amazing experience with Mark Porteous’s Transformation Mastermind Program has been absolutely profound. The regeneration and change in perspective that it brought to my business has equally reflected in improving all other areas of my life. This is a potent program that has made a powerful impact to allow my mission to now soar to the infinite possibilities.Mark is compassionate, kind, focused and principled and an important part of my network. Get to know him.

Sharita Star, Author, It's All in the Name

The Transformers Mastermind Program offered me encouragement, support, lasting friendships, accountability and renewed faith in myself.

I have grown personally and professionally from my experience. It was wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people. Well worth the investment!!  Thank you Mark!

Pam Steciuk, Gratitude Matters