Themes for 2015

One of the valuable exercises I have learned on my journey of personal development was to focus more on who I want to “be” than what I want to “do.” Each year I create three themes for the year. Last year I chose, Authenticity, Congruence and Presence. I am real, I walk my talk and I live in the moment. Claiming those themes was a real test for me. I had no idea what a challenge it would be and how much stuff would come up around these topics.

Looking back on how well I embodied each theme last year, my first thought was all the ways I fell short, then I thought about all the lessons I learned and how I have grown. Distinguishing the real me from all the programming of who I think I am supposed to be is an ongoing process of peeling back the layers from years of programming. Being authentic can be very raw and vulnerable. Walking my own talk is still harder than I thought it would be, but it is a great guide to keep me on the path of my soul’s journey. Living in the present is a great exercise to release fears and enjoy life as it is. It is also much harder to do than I expected.

While I may not have mastered these subjects, I have grown in very important ways. These themes will always be important values in my life. This year I am taking on three new motifs; Surrender, Service and Gratitude. I look forward to sharing my experiences around these topics with you in upcoming letters.

What are your themes for 2015?

Choose three values that you would like to embody.

Share your inspirations below.