Trusting Your Own Divine Guidance

For the last few months Renee and I have been planning and preparing for our third annual Personal Transformation Summit. Each of our special guest will share profound tools and information to help you transform your life and therefore the lives around you which will in turn ripple out to change the world.

Today I will give you an example of the type of powerful techniques you will learn during this FREE online event. I am going to share one of the most important tools I have used over the last two years to help me grow personally.

“Embodied Intuition” is a way of listening to your own inner voice and connection to source as personal guidance. If you can, sit comfortably in your chair with your feet flat on the ground. Breath into your lower belly. It helps if you take a couple breathes with your hand on your belly and feel it rise. Imagine a small ball of energy in the center of your body about two inches below your naval with an infinite core like a black hole.That is called the Dan Tien. Take a few more deep breaths into that space.

Now make a statement that you know to be true and sparks emotion, like “I love my kids.” How dose that feel in your belly?
Now say something you know to be untrue, preferably a statement that sparks emotion, but it can work with something as simple as, “Today is Saturday” when you know it is not. You could say, “I love my job,” if you don’t or “Drinking soda is good for me.”

Notice the difference in your gut and throughout your body when you state a truth and when you tell an untruth. As you get sensitive to it you can feel the difference even when you are not conscious of whether it is true or not. For example you can say, “It is in my highest good to invest in coaching.” How does your body react?

Test it with other statements; big and small. Be sure to phrase it as a statement not a question, at least for now. A true or false reading is easier to interpret in the beginning.

You can also do it standing up and literally feel pushed one way or another. It gives me a more definite response. It is basically the same exercise, but you stand with feet shoulder width apart and lean slightly forward and then slightly back before settling in the center. When you make a truth statement notice if you feel pulled or pushed. Then do the same with an untruth.

I would love to hear your experience with this practice. What modalities work well to guide you?

Please share your answers and comments below. I will reply to every post.

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