Meet Mark

Mark Porteous is the author of Maximizing Your Human Experience; A Personal Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life. In his book, Mark shares powerful tools to navigate your path toward self actualization and his personal understanding of manifestation to create the joyous life you truly desire. Fueled by his vision of humanity’s return to a state of oneness, a world where we all recognize our connection to each other and all that surrounds us, Mark is on a mission to accelerate the shift in social consciousness from “fear and separation” to “love and unity.”

Programs with Mark Porteous

Inspired Messengers Network

The Inspired Messengers Network serves messengers (coaches, authors, speakers and healers), mentors who support them (personally and professionally) and anyone on a path of personal development and healing (especially in relationship to global change.)

We’re all messengers. Everyone has an important message to share. Your life story is a lesson that can help others if you feel inspired to share it.Finding the message in your story is not always easy. There are many messages and lessons you can share. Your message may be meant for just a handful of people or even just one. Perhaps there are hundreds, thousands or even more that could benefit from the lessons of your experience.

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Personal Transformation Summit

Many of today's leading visionaries believe the best way to evolve humanity is through our own personal growth. The Personal Transformation Summit is an worldwide online event that brings together today's leading transformational leaders in sharing their expertise and life experience to help you discover and implement your true purpose in a way that helps humankind and the planet. 

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Books by Mark Porteous

Maximizing Your Human Experience
A Personalized Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life

This limited release e-book version of my book, Maximizing Your Human Experience, A Personalized Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life, offers seven personal enrichment tools available to all of us, identifies three core virtues of the essence of love, and offers easy, practical ways to apply this wisdom to maximize your own life.

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