Crystalize Your Vision

Crystalize Your Vision

Once you have made the conscious choice to evolve, the next step in transformation is setting goals. What reality do you want to create for yourself? This step is crucial in manifesting. You are choosing your own destination. Until you make that choice, you are just wandering aimlessly.

Life offers us a compass to help follow our passion. We know it as “joy”. What brings you joy? I believe this is one of the most important questions to ask now and throughout life. Whenever we feel we have lost our direction, following our passion will guide us. As the compass of our heart, joy leads us where we are meant to go.

After you know the direction you are heading, you can create a detailed picture in your mind of your optimal destination. At this stage of the process do not be concerned about “how”. Think big. Imagine your ultimate dream. Where are you? Who is with you? What are you doing? How does it feel? Write down as many details of your vision as possible. Use all your senses. Record the emotions you feel.

Writing goals with pen and paper is an important declaration of your intention. It transforms your thoughts into physical form. Typing into a digital device like an iPhone is not as tangible and is easily erased.

I find SMART goals most effective.

Specific- Instead of, “I want to lose weight”, try, “I want to lose 10lbs in two months”.

Measurable- Instead of, “I want to read more”, try, “I want to read one extra book each month.

Attainable- Reach high, but be realistic. If you want to work in a hospital within two years, do not expect to be a doctor.

Relevant- Relate to your goal on an emotional level. It should have meaning and value to you. What is your benefit from achieving your goal?

Trackable- Measure your success. It is important to monitor your progress and acknowledge your accomplishments. Looking at where you were and where you are allows you to monitoring trending.

Exercise: Every day give yourself a few extra minutes during a shower, before going to sleep, during your workout, or at some point in your day to visualize doing something which brings you great happiness. Daydream about enjoying your passion. Allow your imagination to create a beautiful, detailed vision of the life you would like to live.