Bridging Money and Meaning

I am very grateful to work with teachers, healers and helpers who want to make a difference in the world by sharing their gifts in service to others. Many of my clients and colleagues have come to me recently to discuss various topics around money in relation to service and spirituality.

– What is money, really?
– What is the difference between money and wealth?
– Is it bad to be rich or to desire wealth?
– What are our beliefs about money and where do they come from?
– How does wealth relate to helping others?
– What role does money play in the new paradigm of Oneness?
– How does perception of money relate to attracting it?

To me, these are interesting and relevant question that are worthy of evolutionary conversation.

So, why so much attention on money?

I think it comes down to the hierarchy of needs. People come to me wanting to share their gifts in a bigger way as a primary motivator and to make more money as a secondary motivator. Some even express guilt for wanting to make money or at least more money than they feel they “need.” According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, our basic needs must be met before we can effectively pursue higher needs. We perceive money as a means to fulfill our base needs and therefore pursue the dollar. It is more effective to work from the heart when the belly if full.

Last year I was invited to attended Marcia Wieder’s Wealthy Visionary Conference in Los Angeles and it turned out to be one of the most powerful events I have ever experienced. It was deeply transformational for me and hundreds of others.

When I first heard the title I was a bit put off. It did not seem like “wealthy” and “visionary” belonged together. Why would a visionary desire or focus on wealth? While I had no problem with prosperity and abundance, the term “wealthy’ held a negative charge for me. I was not sure why and I wanted to explore it further. The event exposed my deeply rooted beliefs around money. It also opened my mind to new possibilities of what I was capable of doing to serve others and that money would make that work more effective.

After speaking with Marcia privately I understand the event this April will be even more profound. The theme is “Bridging Money and Meaning.” How do we make a huge impact in the world and create personal abundance at the same time?

I am very excited to attend the event myself and would love to have you join me. Because I know this event will change your life and inspire you to play a bigger role in helping others, I am offering my Transformers Home Study course ($497 value) as a free bonus to everyone who registers for the LIVE event with my link. Click here to check out the Wealthy Visionary Conference.

You can learn more about the Transformers Mastermind at

It takes four pillars to create a thriving transformational business; mindset, message, mechanics and marketing. Having the right tools and systems in place is important to maximize your impact.

Over the next 90 days I will be talking with several experts in the field of money mindset. My promise is to share everything I learn directly with you.

For now, I would like to offer a few questions to ask yourself;

“Will having more money make it easier or harder to be of service to others?”

“How will my life be different if I never have to worry about money again?” (Describe your ideal life with specific details.)

Would money make you different?
Would you be better or worse?
I believe more money will make you more of what you already are. If you are a giving person, you will have more to give.
Do you agree?

What would you give if you had unlimited resources?
Who would you help and how? Be specific.
What can you do NOW to benefit that group?

Let’s explore the possibilities together.

In May, Renee and I will produce the 3rd Annual Personal Transformation Summit with 15 of todays leading luminaries and 15 emerging visionary leaders. The goal of this free online event is to share with you ways to transform your health & wellness, work & wealth and relationships & connection to source, plus other valuable information you can use to become the change you would like to see in the world. Stay tuned for news updates.

Please post your comments below so we can share in your vision.