Does it feel like life is accelerating faster all the time?

The last two months have felt like a whirlwind and an emotional roller coaster. My spirit has been tested like never before and I have been less than satisfied with some of my responses. Perhaps you can relate.

The chaos began when I drove alone from Ohio to Orlando on May 1. I flew back three weeks later to pick up my family and a 26’ truck filled with our belongings. Within an hour of arriving we were on the road for a two day 1000 mile drive.

On Friday June 5, two days before my 45th birthday and three days before our 13th wedding anniversary, I got a call from my mother that my oldest godson was in the hospital after a heart attack at age 34. Within a few hours she called back with the worse news I had ever heard. I was a mess for the next two days. On Sunday, I took my family to the beach to celebrate life and our precious time together. Four days later I was flying to NY to be with family.

Last Monday I performed the eulogy at Jeremiah’s military funeral in Saratoga, NY. I flew home Tuesday. Two days later Renee, our twins and their 14 year old cousin flew back to Ohio for Renee’s brother’s wedding. I was the best man and she was a bride’s maid. We all had a lot of fun!

After traveling most of the day on Sunday, we were back to work On Monday with the start of a four day virtual workshop series, Money Mastery for Messengers.

We are taking the next few weeks to settle in and prepare for our next steps for the Inspired messengers Network. We will keep you posted with all the news!

The last few months have provided me with many “learning and growth opportunities.” The most valuable lessons have come from the greatest challenges. Jeremiah reminds me what really matters most.

Standing up in front of my godson’s family to perform his eulogy was the hardest thing I’d ever done. Jeremiah Charles Dreessen faced far greater challenges during his life, challenges I can’t even begin to imagine.

I never got to know Jeremiah the soldier. Reading and hearing accounts from his fellow soldiers has been very therapeutic for me and the whole family. Those who served with him know the kind of man he was. I did know Jeremiah the escape artist. At the tender age of three, his father Paul had to nail his window shut to keep him from climbing out at night. This may have been a foreshadowing of his teenage years. In his youth Jeremiah was a bit of a rebel, just like his dad. When he told me he was joining the army, I was concerned how he would do following orders and strict discipline. Clearly he excelled.

Born just 18 months apart Jeremiah and Jamie are like Irish twins. They had their struggles, especially when they were younger, but they always had each others backs. They taught me life’s most important lesson – to love unconditionally, which is the only true way to love.

My relationship with “the boys” was a major influence in wanting to have children and preparing me for the great responsibility that comes with parenthood. The day Jeremiah and Jamie were Baptized and I was officially named their Godfather is one of my greatest memories. It’s been a great honor and privilege to watch them both grow to be incredible men.

One of my mentors had a near death experience after a car accident when he was 19. Moments later he asked himself three questions, “Did I live, did I love and did I matter?”

Jeremiah lived. He was an adventurer. He had seen more of the US before kindergarten than most people see in a lifetime and that was just the beginning.

Jeremiah loved. He loved with all his heart and was loved deeply in return by so many.

Jeremiah mattered. He mattered to ALL of his family and friends, plus SO many others who’s lives he touched.

I’ve learned a lot from Jeremiah and I am still learning from him. On Friday, June 5, 2015, I felt like a part of me died. I was devastated. Since then another part of me has come alive! The part of me that wants to live more fully, love unconditionally, and matter in a bigger way by contributing more to the lives of others.

Jeremiah reminds me what really matters most – connection; Connection to family, connection to friends and connection to the Divine.

Pierre Telhart Dechardin wrote, We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences. That quote changed my life and inspired me to write the following poem, which in turn lead me to write my book.

The Human Experience

We have created many vehicles
To transport us from one place to another.
However, there is one vehicle
Greater than any other.

A gift we were each born into,
Every body is as unique as the spirit which lives inside.
We each experience differently
From the variety of opportunities our bodies provide.

A gift received without a warranty,
No one knows how long they will wear their shell.
But time is less important
Than wearing it well.

To make the most of the time we have,
Each in our own way, is all that we can do.
Nothing physical will ever see eternity,
This we know is true.

The experiences we share with others,
And even the lessons we learn alone,
Enrich our spirits with wisdom
That, without our bodies, never could be known.

Thank you Jeremiah for sharing your journey with ALL of us. We will continue to celebrate your life and all the experiences you offered.