Embracing Change

Embracing Change

As 2012 approaches, creating change is a growing theme for me personally, as well as globally. Change is a fundamental aspect of growth. We face change everyday, both internally and externally. In 500 BC, Heraclitus wrote, “change is the only constant”. Change is a fundamental reality. All things change. We change- Physically, mentally, and spiritually. The direction of that change is a result of our thoughts and behaviors. While we may not always have control of external development, we are solely responsible for our internal development.

In nature, change is often cyclical. Time itself is broken into cycles of days, months and years. Human development follows certain patterns throughout a lifetime. Even societies follow trends in fashion, economics, and consciousness. We are constantly evolving. As the natural order of things, change is good. How we adapt to change speaks of our character. While some may find comfort in the status quo, fighting change is futile. Instead, we can embrace change and be a part of it. This is the best way to direct growth. As Dali Lama said, “be the change you want to see”.

As another year comes to an end, we look back at our accomplishments and short falls and look ahead at our hopes and dreams. This is a time of reflection and introspection. It is also a time of planning and preparation for wrapping up the old in anticipation of the new. Just as the seasons change gradually, so do we and so does the world. Change is rarely sudden. Lasting change usually occurs over time. The first step is making the conscious choice to evolve.

Crossing a Millennia

Counting down the seconds
To see what changes we will find.
Holding our breath in wonder
With great expectations on our minds.
Comparing our achievements
To goals we did not reach.
The passing of a millennium,
What exactly does it teach?
Nothing more, nothing less
Than any point in time.
Only the hype we’ve built
Makes this moment so divine.
Year after year, new resolutions
Are added to old.
But are these changes really made
As the years unfold?
The crossing of a millennium does not alone
Ensure changes to be made,
Nor does the end of a century
Or the beginning of a new decade.
Growth does not occur over years,
Or months, or even days.
Progress lives in every moment
In which we choose to change our ways.
The evidence can be felt and seen at any time
When we act as we believe.
Living each day as the first of a whole new era,
Imagine the greatness we could all achieve.
Perhaps by living life this way,
Eventually we will see
Every single moment as a starting point
Toward becoming who we want to be.