Learning to Fly

Transitioning from a secure career in search of more meaningful work is like deciding to have babies, if you wait for “the right time” to do it, it will NEVER happen. Making the leap from my comfortable sales career of 12 years to follow my passion felt like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I hoped (and prayed) I had made all the necessary preparations. Many fears raced through my mind as I stepped to the edge. I even stepped back once and postponed the jump. When I finally got the courage to commit to my decision horrifying questions nearly paralyzed me. What if I was unable to pull my chute? What if it doesn’t open in time? What if my back up cute doesn’t work either? What if I screw up and just crash and burn? How will I take care of my family if something goes wrong? I have read that you have to leap if you want to learn to fly. I have also heard that if we were meant to fly, god would have given us wings. I believe we were given the gift of imagination to design our own wings. We all have what we need to succeed at the mission we choose for our life. The challenge is getting clear on what that mission is so you know what steps to take. I believe it all begins by aligning with your purpose. On October 12, 2012, I made the leap from my comfortable sales career of 12 years to follow my passion. I had no idea that was just the beginning of my quest for purpose. Over the last two years Renee and I have put all of our energy into discovering and living our life purpose. Our number one job is raising our two children and demonstrating to them the importance of fully living the life we came here to experience. One of the most essential values we want to instill in them “being of service to others.” Since June, I have been especially diligent about getting clear on my mission and how I can best achieve it. I have used many different modalities to get clarity on my message, audience, gifts and challenges so I can better serve the role I came here to play. I have discovered that my blessing is to empower visionaries and messengers to share their gifts and thrive in their purpose. Your life is your message. Learning how your story benefits others can attract greater meaning, joy and abundance into your life. To better reflect our shared mission, Renee and I are creating a new brand which we will unveil next month. Stay tuned to hear how we can better serve you in finding and fulfilling your mission.