The Year to Step Up, Stand Out and Be Heard!

Every year I choose three values that I want to focus on for the year. This creates my yearly theme. I have learned that by declaring my themes I am asking to be challenged by them. Last year my themes were, Service, Surrender and Gratitude. I learned to be grateful for the challenges as much as the obvious gifts. I focused my efforts on being of service which opened me to greater receiving. The greatest lesson was the struggle to release control and to trust my higher guidance. In choosing to surrender, my faith was tested many times. I learned that faith does not come from evidence, instead evidence comes from faith. Even when things do not work out they way I plan, I know they are working out for the best.

I declare this “The Year to Step Up, Stand Out and Be Heard!

My themes this year are Alignment, Value and Visibility. I believe alignment with your Divine Purpose is the foundation of true success, which is measured in freedom and joy. Last week my friend, Christine Kloser reminded me, “Nothing you do matters unless it supports what you came here to do.” My intention is to be highly conscious that who I am being and what I am doing are aligned with my mission. I want the choices I make and actions I take to lead toward my purpose. That means choosing partners, clients and friends who share and support my values and my vision.

I am recognizing my own self-worth while I help others to appreciate theirs. I realize that self love is vital to fully express love to others and to be fully loved in return. I could go much deeper, and probably will another time, about the causes of lowering your value and how that not only hurts you, but limits the good you can do for others. If you have ever been on a plane, you know the analogy of the oxygen mask. If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to help anyone. I’m grateful to work with Inspired Messengers who are bringing their light into the world. Practicing the art of extreme self care is essential to be your best self. Appreciate your value and take care of yourself.

Last year I devoted the majority of my professional energy to helping my clients increase their visibility so they could shine their light more brightly into the world. I enjoyed a sense of freedom behind the spotlight. I think I knew I was also hiding.

The Messengers Journey Online Workshop Series in December was filled with soul touching a-ha moments for me and many who attended. I learned a lot about myself and what it takes to dedicate my life to being a visionary leader. One thing I learned was that I have been dimming my own light because of subconscious fears about being seen.

I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t hiding. I was merely being modest. I didn’t want others to think I was arrogant or ask, “who is he to share his message?” I was fulfilling my mission by guiding my clients to fulfill theirs. Now I see the hypocrisy in helping others to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs about screaming from the roof tops, while I quietly stand in the shadows. I’m also aware that being highly visible means being highly vulnerable. I am exposing my character flaws and imperfections because I know visibility is critical for my vision.

Dimming my own light is simply not in alignment with my mission. It’s time to RISE and SHINE! We have exciting plans to help you magnify your message and shine your light even more brightly.